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Minnesota Historical Aerial Photographs Online | from the John R. Borchert Map Library

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Directions and Key

Pushpin Key:
2000+ (oblique photos of the north shore of Lake Superior only)
1920s (St. Paul only)

Option 1: Search for a location or address (you may need to zoom out to see the pushpins for your area).

Option 2: Zoom in using the zoom bar in the upper left corner of the map (or the wheel on your mouse).

Pushpins will appear (when you zoom in or out far enough) indicating the center point of an airphoto.

Click on the pushpins closest to your location to get additional information about the photo and to find the "View Photo" link. Photos will open in a new browser tab or window.

NOTE: For aerial photographs of Minnesota from 1990 to the present, please see the NorthStar Mapper page.